Best Apps to Watch IPL – Live Streaming on Mobile PC

IPL matches have a worldwide fan base, people all over the world are waiting for the matches to begin in 2024. But the main query on everyone’s mind is, where will they be able to watch the matches?

Best Apps to Watch IPL in 2024

With so much technology, there are a lot of options from where you can view IPL no matter where you are. However, with the diversity of available selections, many people become confused and can’t decide which app or platform they should use.

Hence, here is a brief introduction of the apps and platforms that will provide you with the best experience of watching IPL, and a guide on ways to access the cricket matches.

Top IPL 2024 Streaming Apps

Watching IPL no matter where you are has only been possible because of these amazing streaming apps. Though most of the streaming apps require subscription charges, the premium packages available are always affordable and allow you to view IPL at your home without burdening your pocket.

Here is a list of the apps that can provide you with live coverage of the IPL matches along with their brief introductions:

Disney + Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

For your information, Disney + Hotstar is India’s leading content streaming app and is very popular among people who love to get access to entertainment content. Post this, Disney + Hotstar is one of the apps that were granted the official copyrights of the live coverage of IPL matches.



Cricbuzz is another paid streaming app from which you can view IPL 2024 in 70+ countries such as; Qatar, Costa Rica, Poland, Mexico, Germany, etc. Cricbuzz is also accessible on multiple devices for example; Android, Smart TVs, and PCs.



CricTime offers you live streaming of almost all of the cricket events happening around the world. Moreover, it’s also free of cost. Hence, you can view IPL matches in HD quality without paying even a single penny.

PikaShow APK

PikaShow APK

It is one of the few content streaming apps that offers you full coverage of the IPL league, without costing anything. Along with the other streaming features that Pikashow includes, you can attain the finest experience of viewing IPL matches.



CricHD is another streaming platform from where you can get access to live coverage of IPL for free. Furthermore, you can also view highlights of the matches afterward and even download them for offline viewing.



SmartCric is also an online content-streaming app that provides you with the best quality live coverage of IPL matches without demanding any charges. Post this, one of the exclusive features of SmartCric is that it is also accessible for iOS, MAC, and iPad.

IPL Live Match Free


It is a content streaming service that provides live coverage of cricket events only for Android phones, laptops, or PCs. You can also access IPL matches through this app in HD Quality without any annoying ads.



WebCric is also one of the top apps that you can download to view IPL in HD quality for free on multiple devices such as; Android, Laptops, or PCs. WebCric covers most of the popular cricket events such as IPL, PSL, CPL, and T20 World Cup.

Methods to Watch the IPL on the Streaming Apps

 Now that you know about the different apps that provide live coverage of IPL matches, you must be curious to know about the methods through which you can access the coverage of the matches in these apps.

Thus here is a detailed guide on how to watch the IPL in the following apps:

How To View IPL on Disney + Hotstar:

  • First, you need to install the Disney + Hotstar app on your device.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the official app from there for Android devices.
  • However, if you want to access it on iOS then you can download it from the official Apple Store.
  • Once downloaded, open the app.
  • The installation process will be initiated.
  • It will ask for a registration account.
  • You also need to set a password to it.
  • Now select the subscription package that is affordable for you.
  • When the app is fully launched into your device, you are free to search for any content that you would like to watch.
  • Hence, go to the search bar.
  • And search for IPL 2024 Live coverage.
  • You will be provided with the full range of matches of IPL.

How To View IPL on CricBuzz:

  • Go to the Google Store.
  • Search for the CricBuzz app.
  • From the shown results, select the official app.
  • And download it.
  • Post this, and select a payment method.
  • And then enter your registration account.
  • Now set up a password for it.
  • Once you are done setting up the app, you need to click open the app.
  • And then through the search bar search for official matches of IPL.
  • It will show you multiple results along with live videos of the matches.
  • You can access your desired videos of the matches.

How To View IPL on CricTime:

  • To download CricTime, you need to go to its official website.
  • And click on the Download Now button.
  • It will ask you to select a server.
  • Choose any server that is preferable and adaptable for you.
  • As it is free, you just need to set up an account.
  • And then the app is free for you to search for IPL matches.
  • And then it will give you the live coverages of IPL.
  • The videos are in HD quality with boost-up audio settings.

How To View IPL on PikaShow APK:

  • Go to the official site for Pikashow APK.
  • Tap on the ‘Download Now’ option.
  • The APK files will be downloaded onto your device.
  • Click on them to initiate the installation process.
  • Once the installation process is completed, open the app.
  • Finish setting up the app by entering any registration account and password.
  • Now go to the search bar.
  • And search for IPL live coverage.
  • You will be directed to the gallery of IPL live matches.
  • You can now access live matches of the IPL league.

How To View IPL on CricHD/ IPL Live Match Free:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store on your device.
  • And through the search bar search for the CricHD official app or IPL Live Match Free App.
  • From the results select and download the official app.
  • Now start the installation process.
  • Afterward, sign in to the app through any account.
  • Once you are done setting up the app, go to the search bar.
  • And search for live IPL Matches.
  • It will provide you with the live matches along with the highlights of the earlier matches that you may have missed.

How To View IPL on SmartCric/ WebCric:

  • There is no need to download the app if you want to watch IPL Cricket Matches on SmartCric or WebCric.
  • Just go to their official website.
  • And click on the tab ‘IPL Matches’.
  • It will then show you numerous results.
  • Select the live coverage option.
  • Now you can view live IPL Matches without downloading any content streaming app onto your device.



This article can conclude on this note that you now know about all the top content streaming apps that will provide you with the finest experience of watching IPL Matches, no matter where you are These apps even provide additional features that are not available on TV Channels such as; a playback option, and recording the screen while the match is ongoing, There are also no ads in between the app, and you can even change the commentary language into any of your desired Indian language. Hence, you can access these apps easily to watch IPL Matches and have a great journey throughout the tournament with the help of these bonus features.


Yes, multiple streaming apps offer you live coverage of PSL Matches such as; SmartCric, WebCric, or CricHD.

Though most of the content streaming apps provide live coverage of the IPL League with copyrights, there are a few apps that are legally granted permission to live coverage of IPL Matches such as; Disney + Hotstar.

CricHD is considered one of the top apps that you can download to watch cricket matches all over the world for free.

Best Apps to Watch IPL
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Best Apps to Watch IPL
here is a brief introduction of the apps and platforms that will provide you with the best experience of watching IPL, and a guide on ways to access the cricket matches.
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